How do you people manage IPO subscription when it is getting over-subscribed?


This is regarding IPO subscription. I applied for 1 lot burger king IPO, that was first time. On the first day I mistakenly added funds to my trading account. 2 days later withdrew funds then applied again on the last day of subscription.

I have exactly the money to apply for a single lot(15k). As you all know it was subscribed massively and chance was very less. Applied as a individual FYI. So, this time the mandate was accepted and the amount was blocked. Few days went by and out of my bad luck the subscription was wasted.

Now at this stage, I realized the mandate will not end by the time the stock will be listed for public trade.

What do you people do?
Do you keep liquid cash in funds for buying the stock once it gets listed?
By the time mandate was ended, Bector’s IPO was also finished. What is the purpose in applying for an IPO when it is getting subscribed hugely? I understand that even though probability is less, we can benefit from the price point at which we get the stock.
But as the time taken for the mandate to end is more, do you even apply looking at the slim chance?

My view: Obviously, a really good IPO (like LIC in future) will be massively subscribed and probability is less. So instead of applying for an IPO (considering I have limited amount of cash) I can wait for the stock to get listed and benefit from then onward. If I am not wrong, we can use that cash blocked under mandate to invest in some good stock for a week or so and reap some profit at the least. I’m sure most of them will agree with this, why keep the cash parked.

I’m open to any suggestions :slight_smile: thank you for your patience!

In ASBA money is blocked but u keep getting bank interest