How do you place SL and Target if BO order is blocked for now?

I am a new trader and I learned about BO and CO orders provided in the kite. But when I tried placing the order in this segment, it said that currently these orders are blocked due to volatility in the market and I should place a REGULAR order.

I get it. My question is-

Let’s say I bought a share for Rs 100. So now, do I have to place 2 more orders, one for target and one for Stoploss. If yes, do these two orders also require margin?

Also, please share any other methods that you use for placing SL and Target in your orders.

If you have Buy position then from positions page you can place an MIS Sell Limit order for your Target and MIS SL or SL-M order for your Stop-Loss against that position.

There won’t be any margins blocked for these order’s.

Thanks for replying. I understand now!