How do you play gaps

Does anyone trade intraday gaps in cash market?

Do you usually go short, long or play breakouts?

And what’s your time frame and success rate?

Seems there aren’t much intraday traders left.


Its cuz most donot trade on gap filling rather they trade via price action or technical indicator and some are by fundamental . And I treat gap as a candle. Everyone has different POV.

Imagine you are watching weekly time frame if there is gap in middle of end of week then the candle neglect that gap and fill it up. Even if there is article how to trade it , it will 95% fail. There was article written as if bnf fill the gap then it be further go in same direction but you can see in chart whats reality is.

Hmm… Mostly referring to stocks gapping up or down.

ya ya I read on thread and I just gave example whats written on article and you will find more on this whether on cash, derivative, fx, crypto, energy, commodities etc . It always same. Old idead are biggedt liablities.

I hate gaps especially big gaps in index. I mostly dont trade gaps. many times those gap days tends to remain flat than an horizontal line. recent example is yesterday.

What I understand is that the dynamics of intraday trading in our country has recently shifted to complex derivative trading methods from century old concepts like gap trading, gap filling that were predominantly related to trading equity stocks.

Also, the trading related discussion and gyan sharing is now in the oversold levels and most people are not interested in discussing these basic stuff again over.

This discussion about gap trading is like the BSNL network announcing their latest 3g network expansion while rest of the operators has already began their 5G transition.

I have attended some of these pro level courses in my time ( Governing body Accreditation level stuff ) and what I have been taught was, for intraday trading in the Indian context, you sell into gap up’s and buy into gap down’s because most of the time these gaps are manipulated during the preopen session for a particular reason.


Geez… Ain’t that a little too much so certain.
NSE started electronic transition in 1992. And Indian market is quite young. But century, lol, you are funny.

Everything works in the market but not everytime. Finding what works most, beats the crap out of us.

Gaps will exist and will work but depends on what you are looking for. If it’s as easy as sell/buy into gap, you ld have already done it.

But seems you are stuck. And this seems to be the good old stuck before you arrive at something.

Seemingly, you might already have a few good list of fno stocks with good amount of intraday volume, say, 10 lakh plus.

I wouldn’t worry about manipulation, as to move this kind of stocks, one need big amount of fire power. Let’s leave manipulation to wild theories as stop loss hunting. It matters less to retailers.

Now, institutions will always leave a footprint when they enter into stocks. The footprint :footprints: is the candle bars. Institutions don’t always go in one bite, but nibbles bit by bit -bar by bar is printed.

When you see charts for long, at times, you can anticipate where it’s heading the next few minutes. What if you happen to anticipate more accurately?

I am rather good at throwing my money for next 5 - 10 mins at the market. I am not good at exposing my money to the whims of the market for whole day.

Hey, maybe see gaps in that way. It can either go up or down. Practise anticipating what it does before it goes up/down.

For the sake of complexity, don’t oversee the basic stuff. The colour game.

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This will be one of the must needed response ever. I ll bookmark/screenshot this.

Thank you. Makes lot of sense.

Gaps can be up or down, in order to trade efficiently, traders must be able to analyse the market and see if trading between the gaps is profitable or not for them. Trading between gaps, needs a lot of strategizing to master. I haven’t done it yet, but I will.

You don’t know swimming, yet talk about the feel of the water when you take a stroke.

Don’t get offended please.