How do you select a share?

do you rely on suggestions received from experts or do you do a research of your own independent of any influence???

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No, Never, What ever These expert says Stock perform Opposite.

Yes, I do my own Research after Selecting any Stock.
1.Past performance
2.Delivery % at Present
3.Mutual funds Holdings in stock
4.FII & DII Activity in That stock.
5.Shareholder who is buying who is selling.
6.See the Stock price Movement on chart on my setup of Moving averages & Other Indicator.

The only thing You can Trust in Stock market is The DATA, DATA, & DATA this is your only Eye & Ear in Stock market.

(I don’t Invest in Long Term)


One Smart way to select shares is by watching what the BIG brothers in the Western World are doing in our Indian market.

Avoids the inconvenience of you having to do your own research late through the night.

FII’s do their research with analysts and algorithms smarter 100 times better than the ones we find on our own television media.

To follow what these FII’s are doing , track their Master plan and follow it:

The data gets updated every quarter, check the new data by the second week of every new quarter.

Be SMART, be a cuckoo and lay your eggs in the crow’s nest. And allow them to hatch it for you.


Can we copy their investment ideas without doing our own research?

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Track this for this Quarter and decide for yourself:


thanks @portfolioplus911 will check this

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Let me Tell you one thing. I think most of the people know this.
FII & DII are very smart they Enter in any stock very smartly at a very Good price.
Now, A question Arises? When They Exit?
Very simple They create a Hype in market And Retail Investors Start buying that stock And Create Volume & Liquidity for FII & DII exit and Retail Investor Thinks the Stock will go up but They don’t know stock has already came far away and beyond their imagination and FII & DII exit smoothly by Booking Huge Profit. (And Bacha kuch Retail Investor apas me lad jhagte rhte hai )

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Considering the LTCG benefits, the are more likely to stay with it for a year.

Even I was having this question in my mind.By the time the holdings data comes into public there can be a significant run-up in prices.

how long after FII have invested that info is made public??

I find out the most promising mid-cap growth stocks & small-cap multibaggers using a combination of fundamental (30% weightage) & technical analysis (70% weightage). Fundamental analysis helps me to select the most promising stocks & technical analysis helps me to arrive at the price points which are relatively safer to buy the stock & decide on the exits. Let me share the list of 38 positional trades which I initiated and closed during the July - October 2017. As you can see not all my trades ended up in profit. I have been using this strategy for sometime now and I am trying to continuously improve upon this methodology.

Here are few best stock advice to keep in mind before you start investing in the stock market:

1. Check your emotions- One of the wisdom from Warren Buffett rightly said “Success in investing doesn’t correlate with IQ … what you need is the temperament to control the urges that get other people into trouble in investing.” with this he means that there are several investors who never believe in their guts when it’s the time for decision making. One of the best stock advice says that trading over actively can trigger the emotions which can hurt the portfolio returns.

2. Pick A Quality Stock- When you wear the buyer-hat, then there are too many prospective that you need to consider before buying any particular stock such as future business prospects of the company, competitors of that specific company and every tiny detail of the company which can act as the add-on fact in the return potential of your portfolio.

3. Debt Ratio- This is one of the important factors to see about the company which you are planning to buy. Lower the debt ratio less risky it is.

4. Financials of the company- With the lousy balance sheet we mean that company with a company under the massive debt, low reserves should be kept in mind while looking for best stocks to buy.

Now that you know about four guiding rules or best stock advice of investing, which can help you to speed up your returns. Moreover, you see that it is quite simple — success in the stock market is when you stick to these golden rule of investing in the stock market. Recently i came across a very detailed article written by Research & Ranking on How One Should Manage The Risk While Investing In Stock Markets In India? I think this article can answer most of your investment related questions.