How do you stay calm while trading

Even if I know the trade is going in the right direction, pulse will be above 120 :slight_smile:

What are your hacks to stay calm?
How do u tackle excitement and nervousness?

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First, you can never “know” the trade is going in the right direction.

If you understand and accept this, you ll gradually work towards building a skill of “non interference” & a “carefree state of mind” and let the trade do it’s job, as predetermined by you.

Easy said than done, it’s an art, and art needs practice, discipline and repetitions. Again and again to achieve mastery.


Being a human being you can’t control your emotions completly but if you follow a set rules like proper position size, not having more than 2-3 open position,having a daily loss limit, etc
Means you need to train you mind like a computer which will only take trades when certain set of rules get fulfilled.
In my personal experience POSITION SIZING is one of most important thing to follow, because when i take higher position size i m not able to hold the profitable position if a price goes little bit against me and when i m in losing trade my emotion forces me to hold that trade .
In one word i become Negative when Position is Positive and Positive when Position is Negative.

So it better to stop Day dreaming to become a Millionaire in one Day otherwise you will become a begger in one day.