How does delivery% raises when people offload/sell stocks

Hi all,
Anyone please explain how the delivery % will raise when people offload or sell stocks because as far as i know we can sell a stock only for intraday and we cannot carry forward it to the next day in cash market.

your question is not clear but as i understood let me try : You can do intraday in all shares (except T and Z group ) and what so ever remain unsettled at EOD must result in delivery. assuming total 1000 shares of X company traded in a day wherein 380 were settled intra day so 620 is deliverable means 62% % delivery .next day assume 900 share traded and 145 settled intra day means 755 deliverable means 83.88% delivery .

One sided trade is delivery

Two sided trade is intraday

So if you only buy a stock and dont sell same day, it is delivery

And if you sell your stock but dont buy it back same day, it is also delivery selling

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But in cash market we have to close our sell order intraday only or else our broker will square off our trade @ 3:20pm so how it is considered for delivery?
I am new to the market so i have these silly doubts :relieved:

Any order other than CNC are squared off by brokers. So if you buy using CNC it will be marked for delivery unless you sell it intraday.