How does Kite API work?

how does it work ? Use simple language so that a non-programmer will understand it

Kite api works just like any other API. It is an interfacing program or a postman or a gatekeeper that hooks you up with the zerodha server and route you to and fro with the NSE server. So you can send and receive packets of data. You can receive datasets from the server (price & Volume, order updates) and send data (place, modify or cancel orders).

Even when you are using your Kite interface or mobile app, you are using an API in the background to facilitate this transfer of data. So there is a web or mobile app (interface) in the forefront and a systematic connection to the servers hosted by NSE/BSE etc. This connection is what sends your order to the exchange when you click on the ‘Place Order’ or ‘exit’ buttons and shows the price updates to calculate your MTM in real time.

Zerodha (and may other brokers) are providing the access to this connection to the server for you to build your own custom app or deploy your logic and send them to the exchanges and receive data feeds.

It is useful when you have specific set of quantitative rules that you want to base your entry and exit. Or simply put, when you have an algo that you want to deploy. And also when you want your own trading app.

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