How does Streak strategy deployment work

How does Streak strategy deployment work in live market, is our strategy executed automatically or we have to do it manually?


You will receive a notification of the order trigger and you will need to authorize it.
The exchanges in India does not allow retail traders to fully-automate trades.

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I use sizing method, will I have to authorise orders with fixed shares limit ie. 10 per scrip or will I be able to change quantity according to capital allocated?

@ShubhS9 The quantity set during the strategy creation process will be the quantity used for placing orders. This cannot be changed.

After Creating and Back-testing the Strategy, there is Deployment of your chosen one.On DEPLOYMENT POP UP, you can change the Quantity of each one, (of-course, by default, it will show the quantity numbers,selected at Strategy-Creation level)…This POP UP can lead you to Paper Trade or Take Live.