How does TradingQNA work?


Once you ask a question, the community will answer, and also upvote/downvote both the questions and answers to ensure that there is high quality content. Points (extra added on an upvote, and deducted on a downvote), and Badges will ensure that learning is also fun.


Its like pooling the knowledge of the entire members into a single forum.

Getting all the doubts clarified related to trading.

In tradingqna if anyone posts a question, people who have registered in the forum would come forth and answer the question.

If they have some additional info/queries related to the question, they post comments. This way the question will be answered efficiently and the questioner can choose the best answer he felt has answered him properly.

Then there is this voting system, which brings the better answer to the top near the question, so that people need not waste reading the entire set of answers, just the one or two on the top would suffice.

Also, the entire question can be upvoted and made an important question so that new members will filter the important questions alone and read them on priority.

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haha i gone to end of the trading qna and it was ther at the end.

Hi @siva recently some of the borders badges are downgraded from “Regular” to "member " just curios to know , example one person with visiting only for 80 days & with only 2 post is with badge a “regular” any changes in badging!!! :slightly_smiling_face: :thinking: