How does trailing stop loss really work? What are the advantages?

I came to know that Zerodha has got approvals for trailing stoploss. How can i avail this benefit to the most, in my trading. Why it is enabled for only for NSE- Equity and F&O. Why not for other segments?

Suppose you bought @ Rs 100, your simple stop loss may be 95 And if the rate may increase 105 than you can adjust your stop loss to Rs 100 and if price further increase to 110 you again adjust stoploss price to 105 that we call trailing stop loss , I dont know how it may automatic by trading software

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Trialing Stop Loss is now enabled in zerodha by means of Bracket Orders.

It is enabled across all segments except commodities.

Please read this blog to understand further.

I think we have to give stop loss trigger value in percentage. But not sure.