How does Zerodha differentiate same number of script purchased?

Let’s say I purchased 1000 of Rcom at Rs 30 on CNC mode on Oct 20.

Next day I purchased same number 1000 at Rs 35 on CNC mode on Oct 21.

Now, on next trading day RCom price is 32, I want to sell 1000 which I purchased @ Rs 32. How will Zerodha know which one of the 1000 stocks will be on sale? For instance, will it be possible that Zerodha will sell 1000 stocks which I purchased @ 35, making big lose for me?

I believe its works on based of FIFO principal. First in First Out

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Nobody will make you lose except you. The price will be averaged. In your scenario the average price for your 2000 share is @ 32.5.
Coming to While selling as @naveengarg said it is FIFO. The shares you bought first will be sold first.
NOTE :point_right: If you buy CNC shares there will be T+2 Settlement. If you sell the shares with out delivering to your demat then they will go to auction market. In most liquid stocks it will not be a major problem.

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Delivering to my Demat account? Can you please explain…

Check out this link :point_right:

If you are new to Investing or Trading once go through the Zerodha varsity.

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