How F***** is the indian stock market on a scale 1-10?

I could not find a better word to describe the current situation. So apologies if any sensitive soul is offended.

Please rate on a scale of 1-10 on what you feel right now.


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Useless question

Care to elaborate why its useless question?

Also, if its that useless, why even bother coming to this poll?

Why even bother commenting?.

Why scale it?its a turmoil which we need to see whether it will continue or not

Read the question carefully.

Its about sentiments. Not facts at the moment.

I want to know the traders sentiments here.

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Understood …chill

this is the time retail will panic , professional and geniune investor will enter the market to invest . i always happy the fall in the market

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From what i m seeing in the polls. Its not that bad.

don’t think anyone is panicking @Riyas_Ahamed

After all its only -15% from the top. There is no need to panic.

This is just normal pullback for nifty.

Problem is not only with corona or yes bank.but we dont know many companies get broken in between.