How G-sec holdings are settled in zerodha?

Hello Gurus,
I have bought 100000 worth of 669GS2024 in auction via coin and pledged mor margin for cash component. I understand the maturity of the gsec is Jun 2024. What happens when the maturity date nears? Does zerodha aumatically Unpledge the gsecs and then it come to my my account? And what happens then? Does it automatically dissappear from my account?

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Couple of days before the maturity. it stops showing on Kite. Then it gets debited from CDSL. Then the money gets credited in primary bank account

When you pledge any security, it stays in your demat account itself, only pledge is marked against it.

Yes, the G-Sec will be unpledged 30 days before the maturity. You will get email notification from us when this is done.

Upon maturity, the G-Secs will be debited from your account and the amount you’ve invested will be credited to your primary bank account.


Thank you so much ShubhS9 for your replay. Much appreciated.