How important is the role of a charting software?


As a day trader, how important is the role of a charting software plays? Also can anyone help me to find affordable/low cost charts with intraday futures with certain indicators?

Answers are welcome…

If you know TA (Technical Analysis), then installing a charting software makes sense. There are different strategies one can use/apply on a charting software. Amibroker is a good charting software that you can use. Our very own Pi is also good, plus there are indicators inbuilt in Pi which you can apply as per your strategy. Advantage is Pi is free.

Amibroker will cost you roughly 18K for a lisenced version, plus you have to subscribe for a data vendor to plot charts on Amibroker (approx. 500/- to 1000/- per month). Amibroker can’t do this on it’s own. It need live data (tick by tick) to plot charts.