How is a stock's volatility measured?

This article throws light on volatility and how to measure it. It says volatility measures the degree to which a stock price moves. It also states that:

Standard Deviation is the most widespread measure of volatility used by traders and analysts. It explains how Standard Deviation is calculated.

A technical indicator called Bollinger Bands is used by chartists to analyze Standard Deviation over time. It also explains how the width of the Bollinger Band measures volatility.

Beta is a measure of a security's volatility relative to the wider market and how it's value determines volatility.

Volatility is measured as a the standard deviation of the stock. We have a 3 part series on Zerodha Varsity, explaining Volatility and its application in detail. Request you to check the same -

Part 1 - What is Volatility and how is it measured

Part 2 - Volatility & normal distribution 

Part 3 - Volatility application

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