How is brokerage and other charges calculated?

Suppose in NSE Equity Segment , I buy 500 shares @100 and 500 shares @101 of Script ABC for intraday. And sell it as follows: 500 @102 300 @103 200 @104 How will the brokerage and other charges be calculated? Will it be on each individual order or will it be calculated on Average Buy Price x No.of Shares and Average Sell Price x No.of Shares.

The only charges that make a distinguishment between Intraday and Delivery trade are:



All other charges are a percentage of the total turnover and it wouldn’t matter whether the trade is an intraday trade/delivery trade.

How is STT charged: An explanation is given here:

​How is brokerage charged: It would depend on which brokerage firm you are trading with. If you’re trading with a discount broker, they’d apply % on per order and compute brokerage. If it’s a regular broker, then he’d apply it on the total turnover.

Hi Brokerage will be charged on the No of orders,

I mean if you place order for 500 Shares and it done in one go then u will be charged Rs 20 for Buy and Rs 20 for Sell. But If u place order for 1000 Shares, BUt at the time of placing order in NSE, there are two persons selling 500 Shares each, so you will be bying 1000 shares as two orders of each 500 shares. In this case u will be charged Rs 20+20 for buy and Rs20+20 for sell plus other charges.

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