How is CDSL DP Charge different in Zerodha and UPSTOX

CDSL Charges are different for Zerodha & Upstox, How is it possible.
Zerodha - 13 + (18%GST)
Upstox- Rs. 13 plus Rs. 5.50/ - (CDSL Charges) per scrip + (18% GST)

ref: Upstox Help Center - Upstox Support

Also, I see the stamp duty is levied on both buy and sell in UPSTOX. What is the reason for this.

Comparison Here:

DP charges are decided by the broker, Upstox charges more than Zerodha, thats all.

Regarding the Stamp Duty, they must not have updated their brokerage calculator, as everyone has now implemented the same rules.

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