How is GST going to affect my trading costs?

Dear Experts,
Witnessed the fanfare with which GST (it’s just a tax after all) was launched equating it almost to an event like the independence of India!
Now, just wanted to know, how will it affect my costs (trading as well as delivery)?
i. e. on a trade of Rs. 100 worth of trading (or delivery), how much more will I have to shell out because of the new ‘patriotic’ GST regime?

Service tax which was 15% earlier is now 18%. So brokerage + transaction charges goes up by 3%.

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So for those people who carry forward their position there is no difference, right?

We charge 0 on equity delivery, so yeah it doesn’t matter. But exchange transaction charges which is around Rs300 odd per crore, ST was 15%, GST 18%, so goes up slightly.

Thanks a ton for your super quick response.
Will you please update the Brokerage Calculator on the web site, whenever you get time?

It has already been updated:


can you please merge the stampduty and dp charges into regular brokerage calculator

your team already have it here

by selecting state, along with buy sell quality inputs in calculator we will have exact breakeven calculations at once. this may be helpful to few others like me.


There is already an option to add to contract note on brokerage calculator for you to see the stamp charges as per state. It is not possible to add it on the calculator because stamp charges in many cases and DP charges always is paid only once end of the day. So can’t be added in a one trade charge calculation accurately.

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Hi Nithin,

Traders with small accounts who try to scalp in Forex lose badly, primarily because they have misread the potential break-even cost.

I appreciate your intent and web calculators, but I honestly feel, a little extra can be done in making the calculator more realistic.

Especially Forex, in my opinion, shows up very differently in real-time.

I am not an expert, nor am I making an issue- but, for the good of small traders and their blessings, I request:

Please help educate us on how to understand the calculator in such a way that we account for break-even.
Include a blank line item, where we can prefill the state, so it makes the calculator much more effective.

Your effort will have the blessings of all your traders, especially the smaller fish, whose decisions are based on small take-aways.