How is rakesh jhunjhunwala able to buy such bulk quantities of stock

my question is related to the buying of bulk quantities of stock and i face some problems in buying the bulk quantity of the stock. when i buy the bulk quantities or say the 4 or more lots of the futures stocks, or say 10000 no of shares of any particular stock, then is not gets fulfilled at my price for intraday then how is jhunjhunwala able to buy the bulk quantities with such ease. does he not face the same issue. detailed explanation please and multiple answers are most welcome.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala most probably accumulate stocks at an average price and does not wait for a breakout or confirmation of some sort, like we do. With his level of experience and knowledge, he wont be waiting to have a price level broken before he enters. If he thinks the price is gonna breakout , he would be accumulating a lot earlier at a much lower level under the radar. Actually big players like him are selling you those shares when you buy after a breakout happens as they need to unload their holdings and book profit.

Also, I am pretty much sure that professionals and big players generally do positional trading and investing …not day-trading. The movements in the day are after-effect of their accumulation-markup-distribution-markdown cycles.