How Is The Internet Speed ?..... High Sir 😉

Share Your Internet Speed let’s see which Company is providing Better Quality Of Internet in india… :grinning:

BTW Right Now I’m Using Brodbend Service Of GTPL Hathway Ltd

Getting All most 40MBPS Unlimited Download Speed For just Rs-5,500/Year Pretty cool Right.?:blush:

What is Your Internet Speed…?
Witch Service Provider Are You Using…?
Is Your Net Plan Truely Unlimited…?
How Much Price You Pay For One Year…?

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My laptop Speed:

My Cloud Speed:

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ACT Fibernet, bangalore

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Airtel, Chennai


mine is BSNL Mobile Internet… hahaha :rofl:

Cool… :heart_eyes::thinking:

Airtel. This is the fastest they can provide .(Punjab ,for Rs- 2350 p/m)

I am getting same speed in kanpur u.p for 650 including tax . Tikona

Tikona broadband unlimited usage for 650 including tax . Kanpur U.p

Fun Fact:- Sunil Bharti Mittal is from same city where max speed is 8 MBPS.

how much data?

Bundle usage is 60 Gb at 8 MBPS. Afterwards 1 Mbps. Although speed never reduces even when 60 Gb gets consumed.

Was looking at this interesting article that came out today:

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Aila you are getting it cheaper…I have Hathway too but my plan is 8300 per year some hd elite plan…

Hatway And GTPL Hathway Both Are Different…


@skns Hmm… For Past Few month GTPL Hathway Growing Rapidly In Gujarat and some other state also.
may be bcz Reliance Industry Try To Acquire 25% Stake in Gtpl Hathway…
Mr. Mukesh Ambani Wants Zero Competition in Their Field… Lol😀

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