How is This Consider, profit or loss

I Brought 5 Berger paints Shares on Monday @ 566.95, And Sold on Tuesday @560.00 on a loss of -6.95 Rupees.

Then on the same day (Tuesday), I Brought it Again @ 549 and then sold @ 549.

like below

Monday: Buy (CNC) 5 Shares @566.95

Tuesday: Sell (CNC) 5 Shares @ 560, [ -34.75]
Buy (CNC) 5 Shares @ 549,
Sell (CNC) 5 Shares @ 579. [+55]

in Tuesday is Like Intraday [ sell – buy – sell ]

how is this Considered, BTST/ATST

in the end, I got loss or profit?

I don’t know about you, but I got list reading your question.

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The first set is considered BTST with a loss of x minus taxes

The second is intraday with a profit of Y minus taxes.

If your overall taxes and brokerage exceed 55-7=43, you are in overall loss. I believe you do.


55 - 34.75 = 20.25

But in Console P&L = - 34

Why This?

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May I know if you had done any other trades of the same script on Monday?

BTST trades are tricky for you cannot determine accounted buy price if you have done many legs.

If these are indeed the only trades done for the accounting dates, then there’s a problem.

Are you sure you have squared off all positions?

See if you recognise all trades first.

If you wish to borrow my help, why don’t you copy paste in excel and paste it on the forum.
Only those trades of that script.

ok, Sir. Please Help for This

I Brought AURO PHARMA Yesterday @ 493.40, And Today Sold @ 505.00

Now the Price of AURO PHARMA is 492.80, so in Positions Tab it Shows +57

and if I buy back the share @492.80, and sell it on 492.80

would it Consider as intraday trade?

it’s a Profit Trade or Loss?

I understand now your confusion

Once you exit from BTST trade, you will find holdings nullified and an opposite position in your positions tab.

DO NOT DO anything.

End of day, BTST will be squared off with gross profit minus taxes.
Your positions in your positions tab will disappear

This is all you need to do to prevent a circular trade which only adds to brokerage

if i only buy what happens?

Sell - Buy Intrady Trade?

will i get the difference amount? of +58.25

You bought at 100 yesterday
You sell it off today at 105.

You will get the profit of 5

But your positions tab will show a sell positions of 5 and your holdings will show as squared off.

To clear the air, don’t go by what the positions tab says.

If the price fell to 95, the positions will show profit of 10. This is an non accounting profit. Your true profit has already been locked in irrespective of how much the stock moves.

Do not buy once again. If you do you are opening up a new position.

In that case, you are open close of 2 positions

One for 58 profit
The second for no profit

You will get your 58 don’t worry

But your second position of open close was purely out of confusion adding no value to your judgement

ok, now i understand, thank you so much…

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