How is your midcap and smallcap portfolio doing?

Saw a lot of chatter/noise online about losses in people’s midcap and smallcap portfolios. Year to date the midcap 100 index is down 14% and the smallcap index is down by about 20%. To put things into perspective, these 2 indices we down by about 65% and 70% respectively. How’s your portfolio doing?

Nifty, BSE 500, Next 50 NSE Midcap and NSE Smallcap year to date performance

Nifty, BSE 500, Next 50 NSE Midcap and NSE Smallcap during the 2008 crash


Do not worry, 20-30% volatility is normal for midcaps and smallcaps.

All portfolios are flat at the moment.

Interest rates ,Trumps trade wars and next year elections will keep market flat or slightly bearish this FY.

I would not expect much returns this year. Hopefully next year 2019 should have a good run.

Nah, I’m not worried. Just wanted to see how the other folks are doing. I’ve seen over a period of time, this is nothing when it comes to Small and Midcaps.

Historical drawdowns.

Nifty 50

Nifty Midcap

Nifty Smallcap

You should be worried if u have fraud stocks, you know those BSE ones which run up 10X in one year.

If you have fundamentally good stocks you should be fine, but dont average too much I would say

As it is election year, rebound will take longer time

bad :frowning:

How bad? :grimacing:

@Abhishek87: What tool are you using for the screenshots you have posted ?

Missed this. This is Tradingview.