How long does it take to pledge new SGBs?


Wondering what’s the average time it takes for Zerodha to enable pledging for new SGBs (bought on Coin)?

Hi @iamitp

Once you purchase SGBs from the secondary market, it will take T+2 days for the SGB to show up in your account as per the settlement cycle.

Do note that any new series of SGB shall not be instantly activated for pledging. (It generally takes somewhere btwn 4-8 weeks)

You can verify the list of SGBs currently approved by Clearing Corporation for pledging by searching for a circular named Revised list of Approved Securities and Approved Banks in NSE Website.

Only after it is added to the Clearing Corporation list does it get added to Zerodha’s approved list of securities

Hope your query is resolved. Wishing you a great day and week ahead :slight_smile:

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