How long it takes to execute 10 lots of Nifty or Banknifty?

Let’s say you are buying/selling 10 lots of nifty future or 10 lots of banknifty future… What will be the maximum slippage ? and how long the order will take to get executed ? I know it’s a weird question but as per my setup instant execution or very minimal slippage is necessary…

My English is not good but I hope you guys will understand :slight_smile:

Thank you

Both of these index futures are fairly liquid and 10 lots should not be a problem.

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Be aware, if you are trading 10 lots of Nifty futures or BankNifty futures, although your brokerage will be very very less (if you are trading through Zerodha), but you will end up paying huge Exchange transaction charges, and STT (Security Transaction charge) as both of them have big value in units.

Use the Zerodha brokerage calculator to get an idea.


10 lots are really nothing to worry about. Traders I know and work with execute 500-600 lots of Bank Nifty within a few seconds. But remember, the futures of these two indices are the most liquid contracts…can’t say the same for stock futures or even index options.

And yeah, don’t take leverage blindly. Follow your position sizing rules and above all, follow your Trading Plan.

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