How many different platforms can be used to trade along with zerodha? What are they?

I see lot of names like Nest Trader, Zerodha Trader, NSE Now, Z5, Nest Plus, Trade Express etc.,

Getting confused with so many interfaces. Can anyone explain the different interfaces briefly in one or two lines each?

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Zerodha Trader is the official zerodha trade terminal use it !

Trade Express is a part of the Zerodha terminal

Nest plus is extra addon to the ZT mainly charting

The backend / backbone is NSE NOW

Zerodha 5 i guess is 5 tips

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I think ZT (Zerodha Trader) is a standalone, executable software which is installed on ur PC, using NEST as the main software which is similar to any dealer terminal like ODIN Diet.

Nest PLUS is charting software, which is connected to NEST (data is derived from NEST)

NSE NOW is NSE’s proprietary software (web based), this is common across all brokers.

Z5 is Zerodha’s web based software, accessed via a browser like Chrome, IE & Firefox.

(I might be mistaken, somewhere, but this is what I think, you will have to get it confirmed from Nithin or Venu)

Z5 is Zerodha 5.0 the web Terminal built on HTML5
Thanks for the answers.

Ok thanks, since I am not using the desktop softwares, I am stuck up with these terms. Will get clarified!