How many maximum lot of Bank nifty weekly lots can be purchased

How many maximum lots of Bank nifty weekly can a trader purchase.

Zerodha not not allow More than 50 Lots in Single Order.
I am saying this from my experience not sure about Official Numbers.

In zerodha I had 10 lot’s, I had to purchase more,but my order was rejected

what was the Reason for rejection? Have you read in Orderbook?

@DA3110, @Lets_Invest

The reason for reject you guys are look for is called - Freeze Quantity. This is an exchange reject because they are not willing to accept any order greater than a particular size. It is defined on per stock level and published on a daily basis herein -

You can smartly circumvent the limit by using Slicing Order under Risk - Strategize Your Trades:

Risk Dashboard > Strategize > Slicing Order

Workflow for reference -

BTW … The answer is 2480 (62 Lots) for freeze quantity is 2500 for BANKNIFTY.