How many of you have applied for Tata Technologies IPO?

How many of you applied for Tata Technologies IPO? seems like demand is very strong for this one as it’s first IPO of Tata Company after many years.

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What are the bullish triggers for this stock in the medium to long run or are you applying only for listing gains?

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What a bumper listing

High of 1400 from issue price of 500

Who got allotment here? #luckyones :grin:

I submitted 4 applications(mine + wife) * (shareholder quota + general)., but didn’t get any allotment!


Statistically as we can see huge opening (gains/losses) on listing days. This mostly concludes that either companies/investment banks are not pricing ipo’s efficiently. Can’t sebi/exchanges create mechanisms where ipo’s are priced efficiently.That way the promoters/PE funds don’t have to lose out on listing gains or ipo investors don’t have to lose a lot in case if script lists considerably lower. Something like auction or pre open session can be implemented instead. Also would make roles of lot of investments banks redundant as they are anyways inefficient at pricing considering the anecdotal evidence from multiple ipo since previous decade .Nothing can be more efficient than free markets. On top of that a lot of investors feel unlucky using the current mechanism if they are not alloted stocks during ipo. In case an auction kind of mechanism is implemented then the best bid or ask would be given preference.That way they wont feel unlucky as well .

Please tell your opinions and tell if i am missing something.

Applied a lot using spouse’s account. No allotment.

Applied a lot as shareholder. No allotment.

Applied four slots as retail. Got 1.

Sold 5 shares @1300. Keeping 25.

1 in shareholder quota.
14 lots in BHNI.