How many of you think services at zerodha brokerage is deteriorating day by day

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In India customer service across the service industry generally sucks. Zerodha is a minimal support brokerage. Most of the support they offer is through blogs and other resources. They actually encourage you to try and solve ur issues urself. If one needs hand holding and pampering then it comes with fees that other brokerages charge. I have had to deal with really bad customer service across industries but I have only one motto when I have an issue - Persist to work on solving your issues until its solved. Don't give up easily.

Anyone you work with, eventually you will have to deal with their customer service. Most of the times it wont be easy . Continue to torture them so that they get fed up and solve your issue. You just have to make sure that you don't get fed up before them !

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I dont think it is deteriorating. I am getting good support too, When contacted support, People calling and explaining me to clarify my queries with utmost satisfaction.
I feel any growing organization would face issues in the development phase particularly like zerodha when the number of clients increase day by day.
Zeodha puts in utmost attention to win the clients trust, not like any other traditional brokerage firm.
And finally this is personal opinion. Others may feel same or different.
The question is very subjective.

Being a Zerodha customer myself and lot other brokers. Zerodha’s support is far better than any i have come across from my point of view. For the rs 20 we are paying i think we are getting a fair deal…

I think the same. When i opened my account the support was great and usually the queries were resolved properly till last year. Now it going way down. They seems to not even care about the customers. I sent a form to bank change and they changed it and i got a confirmation. Now after 2 months they say that the details were invalid and the confirmation is not valid. How the hell am i supposed to send them documents again and again in office hours.

Hahaha i’ll remember that…