How many trades in a day

When I exit a day trade in which I invested 100% of equity, can I re-enter a trade again the same day.

Is there any restriction on number of trades that can be placed?

Yes, you can re-enter the trade same day.

You can place 3000 orders per day. Explained here.

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Thanks @ShubhS9, another follow up question:
I have a profit of 10k on my 50k(my 100% of equity). Will I be able to take a new position worth 60k?

Due to SEBIs peak margin requirements. When you sell shares from holdings, you only get 80% of the sell proceeds. The remaining 20% is blocked under the delivery margin field for the day and will be available from the next day onwards. Also, if you’re doing intraday trade, any profit you make will be added to your balance once settled in T+2 working days in the equity segment and T+1 day in the F&O segment.