How many trading account should a trader have?

I have seen many pro traders who have 2 to 3 or more trading account (to neutralize pros and cons)

So, How many trading account should a trader have ? (to make the best use of it)

The answer is how effective you are with. If you are doing well with a single account, why bring unnecessary complexity. The game is already tough.

IMHO trading is about you. It’s your intimate narrative. Someone runs 4 accounts with 5 monitors, which looks like a NASA control center. And if you can manage with a 14 inch core duo laptop, with a depleted battery, and you don’t seem to have any issue with it. Then thats you.

Your strategy defines how many accounts, or charts you need to look. I need to see atleast 2 charts from 2 brokers for any chart conflict. If the broker allows multiple simultaneous logins from the same account, I need only 1 account then.

In the end, it’s all the trader’s perspective. It boils down to your need, and comfort, to execute your playbook effortlessly.


Well it depends on what you want out of these accounts.

in my example, I use one account (Zerodha) - for mostly options. But i have another one exclusively for long term investment, so it does not clutter my Zerodha workspace. At the end of the day you will be paying same amount of Taxes and almost all discount brokers charge the same brokerage nowadays.

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