How much do experienced options traders earn?


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Please let me know how much do experienced options traders earn in a month.



on average 2 to 5 lakhs , depends on capital , 2 to 3%

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@vishnux : the amount you mentioned 2-5 lakhs, that is earned in one month or one day ?


one week

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Options trading is different from normal trading and it depends on your risk capable, because option trading has involved complete risk and rewards depending upon strategy ie., buying, selling or hedging vice versa.
Do first invoke your risk and try for rewards.

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Where do you get this stats about few percents on that capital is out of my imagination really. I also can say it’s totally different amount each time and it’s for sure lower than for begginers in terms of ROI, cause capital is bigger and it’s hard to get 100-200-300% of profit for sure;)