How much funds can I add from bank into zerodha account?

How much funds can I add into trading account via different options ?

Is there any limitations to add funds ?

You can add maximum of 1 Cr per transaction via Internet Banking, and maximum of 2 lakh’s per transaction via UPI.

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Is there any limit by bank ?

Each Bank has different limits, you should contact your bank to know more.

HDFC has 25 lakhs for NEFT/RTGS via Net banking transfer.
And SBI has 10 lakhs limit

But I want to know same limit apply when we add funds from option provided in trading account which redirect us to net banking.

I dont know what is the name of that feature.

Payment Gateway?

Limits are as I mentioned earlier but your bank may have different limits.

Yes. payment gateway.

Does NEFT limit apply to payment gateway ?


Does HDFC Bank has removed transfer limit ?

RTGS does not have any limit from branch. Can we add fund through RTGS ?

This you will have to confirm by getting in touch with the bank.

Yes, you can add funds via RTGS, the process for the same has been explained here.