How much longer for Q to stabilize

Its routine that Q does not work or does not produce the reports. Its been almost 2 weeks now. How much longer for Q to stabilize ?


Ledger gets ready by 7.30pm. Which is based on close prices. Why Zerodha don’t post the same to open positions and P& L till 7.30am in the morning?

At least Zerodha is keeping me in good dreams with huge midnight profits. :smile:


Yes, i face the same problem and even when we try to generate reports it gives bad gateway error

A broker is distinguished in fees, risk technology and reporting technology.

Fees: if a broker charges less, you have more left for yourself

Risk technology: Determines how responsive they are and hence how much leverage they can give to clients

Reporting: Things like PnL and Trade repository.

Sadly after the decision of Zerodha to move their backoffice inhouse, they seem to be in a complete disarray. Hope they can stabilize it soon else will have to leave.

Q looks stable here.