How much time it will take to succeed in share market?

I know it depends on your skill and your learning intensity but even then there must some minimum period to understand the market!!

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Hi Pravin,

There is no such thing as minimum or maximum period to understand the Market. Almost all of the Day Traders, Analysts, Chartists, Researchers, Advisers etc.; and also, of course, the so-called Investors etc. still do not understand this thing called THE MARKET despite being in the Industry for many many years although they all claim that they understand it..!

There are various school of thoughts of how to succeed in the Stock Market. Of course, being in the Market actively would help you in getting a better idea about the DOs and the DONTs.

No One Can Teach You The Secret of The Success in The Market. You will have to make your own efforts, invest your own time and risk with your own money. You will learn your own lessons.

May be one day, you will find the Holy Grail. If you do, do let me know.

Best Wishes

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Hello Trader,

It is important to survive the first 90 days of your trading journey without loosing all your betting chips.

90th day is the Fibonacci 618 of your trading career, that determines whether you are hitting on the resistance or resting on the support.

Trading Success starts when you are disciplined to book loss in small amounts as quickly as possible.

There is no predefined time in trading. The trick is to go slow make good use of fundamental and technical analysis before trading.

I have come across this link :