How much time you take to check fundamental of stocks? what should be idle time?

Idle time for fundamental checking,
Suppose i want to invest only 10000 rs. what time should i take to decide based on fundamentals.
Do you read annual reports, quarterly reports ?

any money invested in real markets should be invested on the basis of good analysis and conclusion. because if that invested money starts losing monetary value then we will start getting to realise the value of that invested sum of money. so , it is necessary to do some analysis before investing and if you find it more tiresome of doing the long and lengthy fundamental analysis, then do some quick fundamental analysis on the basis of ratios and valuations and some of the profitability terms of the company from the famous websites like moneycontrol, equitymaster and morningstar. you visit there and then enter the company name and then find out the fundamental analysis terms and then you can compare them against the ideal fundamental terms and check the range of all the ratios and valuations. this can help you skip the reading of balance sheet and quarterly reports as the quarterly results and annual results analysis will be in front of you for quick viewing.
but dont invest money without doing some basic research. happy trading to you.