How much will i get after excersing this nifty option

I have open 10750 PE and day has expired at Ltp 1.50 , I brought for 3.5 rs , and nifty closed at 10736 , how much will I get ?

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Nifty closed at 10741.35, So you will receive Rs.648.75 (8.65*75)
But there is stt of 0.125% of contract value.(10741.35 * 75)*0.125% = Rs.1007.
STT is more than the amount received so your position will be expired worthless by the broker to nullify the stt effect.

From September 1st stt will be calculated only based on the premium difference instead of the overall contract value.


After Sept 1st you would have been in profit, but not today, because of STT trap :slight_smile: