How often does short delivery happen?


I have a few questions on short delivery. Unfortunately, trying to build a portfolio, I had to deal with short deliveries at Zerodha.

For a platform like Zerodha, how often do short delivery happen ?

Is there any connection between the amount of short deliveries and the low cost nature of brokerages ? Does your business model to offer zero brokerage on delivery trades somehow depend on ability to lend stocks because of which short delivery is more common at Zerodha ?

Are you required to publish any statistic as statutory discloses on number of short deliveries somewhere?

As far as i know short delivery cannot happen in Zerodha if u have used MIS, because they square it off by 3.20pm

You are right, but my question is related to a CNC trade. It was my first trade in Zerodha and two stocks were short delivered on the same day.

Better contact customer support, because it never happens. there must be some glitch.