How one can trade from Excel?

I get to know. one can trade from Excel sheet with auto generated signals, if it’s possible please explain how it work.with pi bridge with a strategy.

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It is possible to trade from excel with Excel macros program and can generate signals also can fire orders into pi with the help pi bridge , the complete socket documentation is available in , “pi bridge documentation for programming” for detailed explanation with example

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In addition to what AlgoGeek mentioned, there are many Robo Trading platforms available which can read Buy/Sell signals from Excel sheet and fire it to your Trading terminal. Check out the list of these tools here.

If you want ready-made Excel sheets with Buy/Sell signals check out the below link:

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Kite Connect for Excel that’ll let you analyse and trade from Excel sheets




i have one system that generates order in excel sheet. how can i fire directly to zerodha?

@AlgoGeek : Is KiteXL open and free of cost to use for all zerodha retail clients ?:confused:

HI, Is it possible to place basket order using excel?


Yes, you can place basket order.

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Yes, KiteXL is free of cost for all Zerodha clients

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How can we fire orders using this KITEXL.I have gone though your website but couldnt figure out.


Just testing a Order Placement From Excel is very easy.
But building a Trading System within Excel using VBA requires lot of interest and hard work.
If you are Excel Pro with VBA Experience, You can build and deploy your trading system in just an hour.

Here how you start with…

  1. Get Kite Connect API Subsscription from Zerodha (Rs2000/pm)
  2. Download and Install KiteXL from HowUTrade
  3. Download the Sample Excel Sheet from HowuTrade.

This sample Excel Sheet has basic usage of KiteXL.
& for [quote=“sudheer_kumar, post:10, topic:6159, full:true”]
How can we fire orders using this KITEXL.I have gone though your website but couldnt figure out.

Its just like using sum Function.
We wrapped all order Functions in UDF, You just need to call the Function in the Cell when you want to place order.
For Example:- You want to place Order when cell value of C3 = "BUY"
In another, You can write formula like below…

=If(C3="BUY",PlaceRegularOrder("NSE", "ICICIBANK", "BUY", "MARKET", 10,"MIS", 0, 0, "DAY"),"NO SIGNAL")

Please refer the Docs which has details of all functions supported and required parameters.


Thanks a lot for the detailed info.

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Sample Excel Sheet is moved to the Zip File along with DLL files.
You can download from this link

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this link also not working, how connect zerodha api with excel to pass order from excel,