How retail investors like us can buy HAL stock OFS ,tomorrow?

How we can participate in OFS of HAL on 28th for retail investors at discount price on 28th Aug?

Hi, you can apply for HAL OFS via Console.

@ShubhS9 is there any discount for buying HAL OFS ?

5% discount

What is maximum no of shares we can apply under retail?

Less than 2 lakh

maximum no of shares please, not amount?

For retail investors, you can apply for shares worth maximum 2 lakhs.


Retail discounted cutoff price is Rs. 950, else price is Rs 1001. So can I apply for 200 shares or should it be less than 200. If so in what multiples? 175 shares or 190 shares?

At cut-off rate, you can apply for maximum of 210 shares, you can apply for any number of shares from 1 to 210.

Thank you, Shubh, that answers it.

Shubh, the console is now down and gives an error message, so cannot apply. Can you please help?

Can you check now, it is working fine.

When is the allotment shubh?

Allotment will happen on Tuesday while you will be able to sell these shares from Wednesday.

That means we need to have the requisite funds in our account till Tuesday?

Better if you have funds in your account today only.