How Roundup Recipe in Balance app actually works?

It says it roundup all the digital transactions linked with your phone number… And help you in saving money.

How it is possible?

@Balance_Team one for you.

Hi Kaushal
Roundups is like an effective piggy bank that stacks up your saving by using the loose change from every transaction. Our proprietary Abacus engine lets you round up your change every time you make a digital transaction linked to your phone number. It even auto adjusts the save amount based on the size of the spend. So, if you spend Rs 290 on a digital transaction, Balance makes a note of the spend and the round up amount of Rs 10. It keeps on doing so, till the total roundup amount crosses Rs 100 and thens sends you a save card of the same amount. Simply approve the save card and Balance places an order of that amount for a money market fund, allowing you to save and grow your money at better than Bank rates. All of this happens while you merrily live your life and let Balance worry about your saving habit.