How safe is it to trade with Zerodha?

@Ashsih - i haven’t misspelled the word ‘chose’. Chose is the past tense of choose. i’ve a question to u - if u r trading well, will u consider opening a brokerage firm?

Hey Karuna, active trading is like playing a T20 everyday, fatigue sets in fast and you need to get off the table when you lose the edge. If you don’t, you can give up all that you have earned back to the market very fast. Just seeing your question, no we don’t use your prices to trade, and what you need to know is that markets in India are quite liquid (other than those B group stocks) and no one can ruin your strategy other than yourself.


thanks for the clarification Nithin… I am sorry that I am writing all this stuff in public forums, its just that I ve traded 2 successful strategies in the past which fail to work now. I was told by a CMT that the brokers trade/share our prices and ruin the system, So mentally really disturbed about it. Anyway, sorry once again and thanks for the clarification.

it sad to hear from karunakumari… first put the blame and then ask for apology on the matter what have you preceived can or cannot be true but before having said anything is there any pillar to the house of story cooked herein or just a dream house, horse whisper we all are playing the blame game

Basheer, can you help me understand this with an example. Btw, how the realised profit or unrealized is displayed has no bearing on your total profitability, that will always remain the same (sum of realised + unrealized).

But you are a cdsl broker will you get the coverage benefits.

We are member of NSE and BSE for trading. We are members/depository participant(DP) of CDSL. Of course we are covered.

Hi All,

Zerodha is starting to turn into a scam.

They are doing insider trading with your customer accounts.

And I have very good reasons to believe it.

Last month,
I had 1 Sell Quantity of GOLDGUINEA left in account. And expiry was next day to I was expecting if the autosqareoff happens it will happen in the last 5 minutes.

But something very disturbing happened about 12 minutes of close of session.

Zerodha automatically first Bought 9 Quantity of GOLDGUINEA and then sold of 8 quantity. Effectively making a 1 Buy (i.e. autosquareoff)

But, that meant a huge loss to me, because the buy was a much much higher price.

When I complained I was told they will fix “IF” there was an issue. IF? Really?

I was told that I will get back the “Zerodha charges” related to those orders. I don’t think I received anything back, but really? Is that all they do for such a huge mistake.

I anyway thought it could be some system bug that they would fix with huge seriousness because this multiplied by the number of customers they have would mean the system is doing losses of crores of rupees to its customers and awarding them with lakhs of rupees of extra fees.

But, this month (29th June 2017), something much disturbing happened during a similar situation.
I had:
5 quantity of Sell position of GOLDGUINEA JUNE
12 quantity of Sell position of GOLDGUINEA JULY (expiry one month later)

And 20 minutes before session close,
12 quantity of GOLDGUINEA JULY (expiry one month later), was squared off by Zerodha.

That doesn’t only means a huge huge loss.

That also means, the order was placed by someone sitting in Zerodha manually.

And, that means there is a huge scam going on.

Just imagine, how much money these guys having control of millions of accounts, and placing wrong bulk orders are earning out of fake mistakes?

They can easily line up their own counter buy orders before bulk selling our positions against our order or wishes.

Plus, they earn good fees out of it.

Plus, they now charge extra autosquareoff fees.

So, these big wigs have the control over your money and they decide how much you keep and how much they keep.


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I have lost in thousands in these bad scamish manual haphazard trades from Zerodha. And I could loose in lakhs if I really started trading instead of playing and experimenting. So, I am sure it is not small in the context of entire Zerodha.

I had posted the message as comment on tradingqna as well as one of the posts in Zerodha (both controlled by Zerodha). Both were deleted first. I reposted here, and interestingly this one is not deleted yet. If they delete this also, it will be all over the internet were they cannot delete.

I am very sure that the owner of Zerodha, Nitin Kamath reads all these posts. Because he has replied to almost all other posts from me.

That means he and everyone else are part of it. And its not an information that they do not know.

If its a scam as it smell very strongly. everyone from top is part of it.

First I received an email from their Risk team they they could not get to me via phone. I asked to email.

Today I received this response from their standard support:
Thank you for contacting Zerodha with your query. As per the telephonic conversation you had with our executive, we confirm that your July contract was squared off inadvertently during an auto square off for the June contract. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused because of this and would like to reassure you that this won’t happen again. Please note that we requested our affected clients to re-enter these positions and ensured that there was no damage on the client’s account.

Clearly every word in it is a lie.

  1. There was no telephonic conversation.
  2. How can “auto” square off do a trade in a scrip that is not to be “auto” squared off? It was “manual” square off. Done intentionally to cause losses to the customer (that is me)
  3. “would like to reassure you that this won’t happen again”? It has happened again, and they are playing ping-pong with my money and laughing on my face.
  4. “we requested our affected clients to re-enter these positions” - no one asked me to re-enter these positions.
  5. “ensured that there was no damage on the client’s account” - there is nothing other than damage done by Zerodha

I did not expect that Zerodha will resort to this because they are large and powerful.


Hey Pankaj, I understand there was a technical issue whereby on the June expiry day for Goldpetal/Goldguinea, instead of June contracts July were squared off for some clients. It was immediately rectified. When something like this happens, there is nothing we as brokers earn out of it. This is one of the most traded commodity in the world, so price can’t be influenced because of this. I think because of this issue there was a Rs 700+ loss on your account. I have a recording of our team trying to call your registered number to have this sorted out.

Don’t you think calling it a scam without knowing complete information is like someone calling a person black money hoarder just because he had Rs 10000 in cash during demonetization time?

Also the idea behind tradingqna is not to solve customer account queries. If we start doing that, every client will get here for an answer. We will then not be able to answer any trading related queries can we?

I will get our team to call you back again today.


Hi Nithin,

Zerodha is doing great in providing lowest brokerage for traders and fast execution.Congrats on that.But i have found something important and a serious concern you should take care off.

You are providing kite and Pi platforms backed by Trade Lab.
I see your data with other prominent platforms are different.
I use super trend 14,2 for my positional trades, i see the kite is giving different signals compared to others that will lead to wrong trades also.
Bank NIfty Index on Hourly Super trend 14,2 gave sell today on Kite and Pi

Bank Nifty Index on Hourly Super Trend 14,2 gave support on IIFL platform and market took support also,they are backed by Heckyl technologies

Hechyl clients are almost all prominent existing brokers,which in turn followed by many people around the world including institutional firms also.
I am saying this is the biggest flaw in your system.The data is not perfect.I saw many like this on kite.Please you people have to work on it.

Another example on 12 july which i took a screenshot to show to my friend

surprisingly on 12 july,kite is showing support now, OMG

How safe is to depend on trading platforms like this???

Vinay, Kite is built by our team and Pi is by tradelab.

I have explained the reason on why charts between platforms may not match. Check this.

Every second there are multiple ticks/trades that happen on the exchange. Internet can stream maybe only 1, so what is captured on one may differ from another. There is no way to match it exactly.

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Thanks for the immediate reply.
But on kite,we are seeing some signals shown are changed afterwards.
That’s what I am not seeing on other broking platforms.

Hello Sir,
Reference to Point no 7 : Upto What extend Investor Protection fund will help us, If I have Rs 100000/- my trading account , and broker shut down business , how much we will get ? pls provide any reference/ circular in this regard.
Since I am working as partner with Zerodha & made many accounts , Please reply, I have to answer my clients also.

Everything you need to know is on this SEBI circular.

This forum is meant for zerodha specific questions too & other brokers can also be discussed here.

This forum is not meant for in detail account specific issues related to ones personal trading account , for that one needs to directly reach customer care.

But General issues related to ones account are also welcomed on this forum.

If i trade only in FNO Which is relatively safer and why

  1. Keeping money in trading account
  2. Buying liquidbees and pledge it due margin

I am new or rather just requested for a login with ZeroDha. I wanted to know if Zerodha is secure esp since you don’t offer a 2 factor Authentication or a forced password change after a specific period.

Also i am hoping you don’t sell our details to 3rd party agents to make money…

After all ZeroDha is just another company providing low cost brokerage. What if this shuts shop later… what is the ways of moving back to AMCs…

When you login to Kite you have 2FA.

When Aadhaar data itself was available for $5, how do you think Zerodha will make from selling your data? I am entirely confident that they don’t.

All your securities are held in Demat in CDSL. Doesn’t matter if Zerodha shuts down.

All your shares are safe with CDSL and the trading fund in Zerodha is protected by SEBI investor protection fund.