How secure is client data in Zerodha payment gateway

After recent data theft of 1million customer of hotel booking site Zomato and ransomware attack, I want to know how safe is client Bank account details and other confidential info Zerodha has regarding client and client preferences etc

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As secure as it in the hands of banks, do remember that even zerodha has a bank account (HDFC) for keeping clients funds when u transfer money it goes to that account just like a net Banking transaction, payment gateways generate and use token or transaction number to use it as confirmation for the payment that’s it, even if it stores account number, that information is so primitive it can be obtained very easily, no need to hack, if u r worried about the address, pan card ,phone number, email id, u have given to zerodha, than u will have to worry about all the brokers in the country.

Recently zerodha has moved its back end “Q” operations to in house rather than giving it for processing by third party, so it’s now more secure.