How tax deducted from demat account?

I want to know how tax is deducted after making a capital gain. Let’s say I made a capital gain of 2 lakhs, so can I withdraw 2 lakhs directly to my savings account, and will it be taxed later at 15% ? or is it taxed immediately after making the capital gain at 15% and will it end up with 1.7 lakhs in my Demat account?


Does the whole taxation (tax deduction and tax return) happen after filing the tax return?

Hey, I’m new to trading, I would appreciate any reply, and sorry if am wrong by any means.

Thank you

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it is helpful but could you be specific

What do you mean more specific ? The Zerodha Varsity Taxation section clarifies all the basics

what happens after I sell my shares and make an STCG, is 15% of tax deducted instantly after T+1 or should I pay tax manually using challan 280?

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The latter. There is no TDS (tax deducted at source) for capital gains. You have to compute and pay the tax yourself.

There are also some quarterly deadlines for paying the tax on the capital gains realized in each quarter. Look this up on Google.

are there services that can help you compute and pay these taxes quarterly for me? I know there are Quicko and ClearTax to file ITR but for the computation is there any?

This should be part of the services that a CA can offer. I don’t know this from personal experience, though. Perhaps Quicko or ClearTax offers such a service? You could check with them. @Quicko ?

This was really helpful and I’ll check them as well. Thank you for your help!