How these tycoons achieve?

Recently i read Mr.dhilip singhvi’s wealth report and achievement , he pursued and being a commerce graduate how they achieve in field like pharmaceuticals?does that not require science knowledge and formulations how is that possible?

It takes a lot of heart and effort to achieve at the highest level. Technical know-how is certainly essential and is an advantage but not the only factor for success. It can be overcome by the enthusiasm to learn and to qualify without necessarily having a degree to their name.

I am aware of so many people whose knowledge is better than that of a Chartered Accountant’s but have don’t have the CA title. This comes out of the dedication they’d have put in to learn the subject purely for the sake of love they possess for the knowledge they wish to gain.

India is a country of opportunities. If a chaiwala can become the PM of a country, think of what opportunities this country has to offer. Good luck.

Can u elaborate on wht he has achieved? In what context u r talking abt?

This is what he has achieved: Dilip Shanghvi’s rise as India’s richest man