How They do it?

i wanna know how these big investors like micheal burry and others short sell for long duration…like can i buy 2 or 3 year putt option or anything … ? All i mean to say is how to short stock for long time?

Unlike US, in India it is not possible to take overnight short position in equity segment. If you want to do this, your options are either through F&O or SLB (Securities Lending & Borrowing) segments.

I take you are already aware of F&O, you can learn more about SLB here.

Though, this isn’t available on Stock Options where you only have Current, Next and Far month contracts.

Index Options have contracts known as LEAPS, especially in Nifty you can buy or sell Options expiring in December 2025.

You can check the NSE Option chain to explore more.


Very Useful information Shubh ! Thank You for your Reply