How to add more conditions in scanner

I am adding conditions in the scanner it asks me to upgrade to Ultimate. Can I add more conditions without upgrading.?

Please note that currently, you can add a maximum of 7 condition blocks with the regular plan and a maximum of 10 entry-exit condition blocks with the Ultimate plan. This can not increased.

However do note that when you use the Advance mode of Strategy creation, you can incorporate multiple conditions inside the same block and use the combination of β€œAND” and β€œOR” after each condition to create the strategy as per your requirement. You can refer to the below screenshot with the multiple conditions created inside a single Entry condition block-

You can similarly use the advanced strategy creation mode to incorporate multiple conditions in the same block in the mobile app as well without the limitation of a maximum number of conditions. You can refer to the below links to learn more about the Basic strategy creation mode and the Advanced strategy creation mode.
Basic mode- Create (Basic) - Streak Help
Advance mode- Create (Advanced) - Streak Help

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