How to add sectors in pi

I been trying to add sectors in my market watch but only few shows in the indices option, others sectors like nifty energy, metal, reality not showing,

I can only see these available NSE Indices on Pi:


I was able to find these indices on Kite


Dear Mr Parag
Totally u can create four to five folders in Pi platform
250 numbers for your market watch
Please review the Same zerodha PI help platform it is explained clearly

Suresh Tamaiah

That I know but how where from i add sectors like nifty metals, reality, consumption

That’s the problem I’m facing in pi

Dear Mr Parag
U can’t add more scripts in Each PI folder u create u need to copy 50 best scripts from each sector
Pls read Pi tutorial u will understand
Better use money control app for market Watch
U can add any number script over there
It is very user friendly
Suresh Ramaiah

@SURESH_RAMAIAH, Do read the question carefully once again

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in first column choose NSE
in second column choose NORMAL
in third column choose INDIES
in fourth column you can choose whichever you want to add

Look closely where’s the metal, consumption, reality ?? Want all sectors, there only few can be add in pi

in the first column select BSE you’ll see all the sectors, NSE has only major