How to add Zero Lag EMA in chart

Zero lag EMA is a custom indicator and not really a standard one hence you cannot just drag and drop it on a chart.

However, purely in my personal opinion…the difference between a regular EMA and a zero lag EMA is quite negligable…so I’m not sure if its worth the effort.


i ve no clue as to what “zero lag ema” is, but for what i understand, all indicators r lagging. there is no such thing as “zero lag”.

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Not true. Indicators can be classified into two baskets…leading and lagging. Leading indicators are predictive in nature…while lagging indicators tend to confirm the occurrence of an event.

pick up any trading psychology book and you will see that all psychologist say that the market cannot be predicted. so, r the leading indicators really predictive in nature?

I agree with you. Indicators cannot predict the market, in fact nothing can predict the markets. However indicators or any system for that matter… can predict the market with a certain probability. End of the day, its all about weighing your odds. If a leading indicator is suggesting a buy, its up to you to back test the indicator and figure out the odds.