How to adjust splits in eSignal?

Esignal is a charting platform, similar to amibroker.

Doesn’t esignal automatically adjust for splits?

what is eSignal?

I’ve subscribed only for futures in eSignal, and there is a big big gap in Axis Bank when the split happened. I wrote to them asking how to adjust for splits, and they replied saying they have asked the technical team to revert. No reply from them until now. Also, I am unable to find any setting in the software to adjust for splits.

I know that equity on esignal adjusts automatically, let me try getting this answer from someone who uses esignal.

thanks Nithin, that would be of great help.

This is the reply I got:
As far as i know, esignal takes care of the splits automatically. As i don’t trade any of the stocks, i would not know the answer to it.
I went ahead and looked at the daily chart of Axis bank (both cash and futures)

  1. Axis bank cash chat looks fine (both daily and minute charts)…split has been adjusted correctly
  2. Axis bank futures chart - daily looks ok…split adjusted
  3. Axis bank 60 min chart looks like a mess. I am not sure about how they adjust for futures on a lower TF.
    Best bet would be consult their technical department. There is a link in the software called ‘Report questionable price’. The user can report it there. I have reported bad ticks in the past and they have been corrected within a jiffy.
    Hope it helps.

in mine, both daily and intraday timeframe are showing a big gap due to the split. thanks for letting me know about ‘report questionable price’ function, will write to them using it in a bit. will keep you updated on this. thanks!