How to apply a Stop Loss, without losing the generated profit as I am expecting the a further movement towards more profit

Since you are already in the position, you cannot use trialing stop loss.

So you need to use a normal Stop Loss order and safeguard your profits.

How to place the stop loss order? More details are provided here

The format which you are explaining is not as same the format I am using to trade. I trade in MCX

Are you using zerodha platform and MCX? which one can you be specific. The explanation in that link is specific to zerodha desktop terminal and or NSE now like interface.

Yes I am using I trade most of the time in commodities.

The concepts are same. Even I use the same link what you provided.
Refer this to get some idea about how to place stop loss order
The NEST Web interface is having a help document here in this link.
Its not very detailed. But may of help to you.